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40[M4F] #NYC. Seeking an Asian female in NYC who is interested in just a fun exploration of her dominant side. Can be online or in-person, light or intense. Fun or get your anger out. Some new ideas during crazy 2020. Must follow safe COVID protocols

2020.11.30 00:29 Stunning-Ad-6079 40[M4F] #NYC. Seeking an Asian female in NYC who is interested in just a fun exploration of her dominant side. Can be online or in-person, light or intense. Fun or get your anger out. Some new ideas during crazy 2020. Must follow safe COVID protocols

I’m 40, fit, intelligent, white established. Many life skills but with a more secret submissive side. I consider myself emotionally balanced and highly educated. In the vanilla world I’m a good cook, a great dessert maker, emotionally in tune, film buff. I live alone and have my own place. Suit kind of guy at work but casual intellectual at other times. Consider myself a pretty chill guy and looking to explore some fun role plays and just see where things go organically.
Not looking for a traditional relationship exactly but am interested in explore one that is based on power dynamics where power flows in one direction. There are lots of things to explore once we connect and share interests. For example, rewards systems, points systems, training to please, molding to your whims, etc. I'm into role play and establishing a role-play kind of scenario, whether the roles are occasional or daily, check in via texts, doing things to please you.
I’m a pretty normal and career oriented person. I envision we’d talk things out to see if there’s a connection and see if we can come up with a plan. Probably something that entails being trained and incorporating rewards and punishments and submitting to your desires into our relationship. I’m experienced with bondage, being in chastity, orgasm denial, and more. I’m also an excellent cook, conversationalist, massager, and a good support
Looking for someone who isn't fake, understands negotiation involved since we have somewhat busy lives, someone I can make some connection with, won't berate me or hit me up for dough in the first 60 seconds. And definitely takes covid safety seriously
Please include age, gender, ethnicity, location and stats when replying. Living near NYC strongly preferred
thank you
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2020.11.29 18:55 TheLandBeforeTwine Squirrel Comedy Theatre?

So I’m looking into continuing improv classes online and happened across some classes from a school I had never heard of before called the Squirrel Comedy Theatre NYC. I have previous experience all throughout college and took the 101 course at UCB NY just before covid hit so I am looking to take a level 2 course and continue from there as well as maybe take some sketch classes. I enjoyed UCB however I’m not sure what the situation is with them in NYC being that they closed down their training center here, and therefore don’t know if I’ll have local resources when things open back up to be in person. Has anyone heard of or taken classes with this Squirrel Comedy or any other comedy schools you recommend? Also is it worth it to switch schools if my intentions are to pursue comedy seriously or should I try to stick to UCB?
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2020.11.29 18:01 autotldr New York City Will Reopen Elementary Schools and Phase Out Hybrid Learning

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)
Mr. de Blasio said that middle and high schools would remain closed, but he also signaled that he would overhaul how the city manages schools during the pandemic, which has forced millions of children in the United States out of schools and is widely perceived to have done significant damage to their education and mental health.
Less than eight weeks after school buildings reopened, Mr. de Blasio on Nov. 18 again shut schools down as a second wave of the outbreak threatened the city.
When school buildings reopen, the city will significantly increase its random testing in schools: rather than testing a sampling of students and staff in each school building once a month, the city will conduct tests weekly.
The hybrid learning plan was undercut from the start by a series of rules about who could teach and when, which had been agreed upon by the teachers' union and City Hall.Teachers could not be required to teach both in-person and online on the same day, and were discouraged from livestreaming lessons in the classroom to children at home, even though other school districts and private schools have adopted that practice.
Some large high schools urged students to stay remote full time, so that schools could more easily offer electives and advanced courses.
Still, there are about 176,000 other children with disabilities in city public schools, including many middle and high schools.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: school#1 city#2 children#3 student#4 learned#5
Post found in /politics, /news, /nyc and /Conservative.
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2020.11.29 15:41 qweuhsdfas Dealing with fam who's mentally ill and hurt you severely

This is a long post. I'd appreciate anyone who's experienced with mental illness can provide some insight.
My mother-in-law has delusions of grandeur. She believes that her posts on Facebook are influential and have crucial impacts on society, governments' decisions, billing acts, and most importantly, believes she's a religious leader who's doing God's work. Her posts' permission is for friends only, and she only has five friends. Also, no one ever likes her post. We learned about this too late (in Dec 2018).
These delusions caused her to lose jobs after jobs; she couldn't keep a job for more than a month. She left or got let go due to drama with coworkers or bosses. She'd say ppl at work are bullying her due to her posts online; they teased her, said nasty things about her at work. We later learned that it's all in her head. She believes all those things in her head. Sometimes when ppl say something, it's not even about her; she will make connections and said people are targeting her. For example, if people at work grouped to watch Youtube videos, she will think that they were laughing at her and reported to the supervisor, which results in drama.
Husband's mom lost her last job in early 2019 due to an ex-coworker whom she dislikes joined the company, and there was drama around it, so she got let go again. She's always been doing different jobs here and there. The longest I know is close to 2 months. We're very concerned that she has zero friends, zero human contact, no family to talk to but only God. The funny thing is she loathes and demonizes everyone she met. She likes to compare herself to Paul that everyone tries to sabotage her good work for God. She thinks she's speaking and walking the truth, will also have satan around trying to stop her. One of her sisters told her years before that she's mentally ill; their relationship got broken since then. After we learned about the truth, it turns out aunt was right. We did something very wrong by unfolding the truth, telling her what we know, shared the fact that it's impossible that ppl are reading her post, cos the view setting for her post shows no one is reading, plus she got no likes and replies.
She said she "feels" that ppl are reading, and the world is changing because of her online activities. Back in September this year, my husband had a massive fight with his mom. We got together over the weekend, and in the car, his mom started saying how pitiful she is that she wanted to see her daughter (DH's half-sister in NYC) again but couldn't do so. She said the only thing she can do now is to write some posts online, hope to create a better world for her son and daughter, hope that one day her daughter will see her post....
Husband went nuts after hearing that. He asked her to wake up, stop lying to herself that people are reading her posts. He got furious, said some harmful things. He shared his feeling about her not being strong as a mother should be, always blaming and looking down on other women who're also divorced but can provide for their kids. He told her that she's just jealous of other women. He said to her that it's her incapability that makes her like this. He's not asking anything of her since he's a grown man now but just wants her to stop all her delusions - which doesn't make sense cos she's mentally ill...
My husband had a tough upbringing. He put himself through college. During his years in college, they barely speak. They were both very hurt by the stepdad. I do not blame my husband for what he said. My husband is a wonderful man - I respect and admire him.
After my husband and his mum had a huge fight, she then starts targeting me. She called me a devil, satan, and all kinds of nasty names - Yes, she called me filthy bitch, low-life animal, ugly and fat bitch, and devious women controlling her son. Calling me bitch at least 10-20 times also pushes me to a breakdown. Just recalling what she said to me can still make me very upset. We have stopped talking to her since then. I feel horrible for my husband for what's going through his mind. I have loving and responsible parents, which I wouldn't be able to relative to what's like to grow up without a dad, but with a violent stepfather, and now with a mentally ill mother. I don't know how to best support him.
I'm not sure what's best to do. I tried to look up cognitive behavior therapy in the Bay Area, but not many results. Plus, she didn't want to get help either. She thinks we need to have a "self-check," calling my husband and me an evil couple that we're jealous of her and don't want to see her do good. (What she said just doesn't make sense)
Her illness got developed over the years. She has been living no human contact life. The only person she talks to is her son. It has been like this at least for seven years, AFAIK. Her previous marriage with her ex ended violently. It has been hard for her over the years to sustain financially. She has been living in affordable housing for over five years. She tried to go to church in the past but always said priests or people at church attacked her. I think it's her low self-esteem and low confidence that contribute to today's condition.
I read that those delusions are hard to treat. We tried to educate ourselves not to provoke and control ourselves with empathy towards her as a patient, but it's very hard, and apparently, it didn't work. I'm done interacting with her after all the horrible things and names she said to me unless her illness is cured. I do not want to deal with that madness anymore, as it has done a ton to my mental health. I was mad at my husband at how he lashed out to his mom, and now that his mom is blaming me. But at the same time, I feel for my husband. His mom is the only close family he had left in this world.
This past Thanksgiving week, my husband reached out via email to check up on her (yea... even after everything). The conversation didn't go well. My husband is very down due to this. I never thought mental illness is so devastating until now. It's very unfortunate what happened to his mom, but I also want us to protect ourselves and take care of our mental health (especially my husband's). We do not have kids now; I do not want her near my kids when we have kids later. My question is, what should we do now? I'm worried about my husband. He got down when talking about this. He deserves to have a normal life after all he's been through. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you for reading my long post.
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2020.11.29 04:22 thisisathrow1212986 Am I depressed? (warning long)

Don't really know why I am posting this long ass essay/diatribe, apologies for the length, maybe it feels good just to write it out. I need an objective opinion or subjective opinion that is not my own but I know I should seek the advice of a health professional.
Born and live in NYC, late 20's, son of immigrants, 3 brothers, grew up upper middle class but my family was cash broke looking from the outside at neighbors living comically elitist lives (that they had every right to live).
I don't feel like I am depressed because I am highly functional but I know I am not well. I've never really had great mental health because my life has been messed up in its own way (I didn't feel that way in the moment thought all was good). My parents would verbally berate my siblings and I for our studies, physical discipline related to studies, no freedoms at all to do things other than play video games, and other typical Asian parent stuff. They would have us compete against each other, family, other people's kids. I had the profile of students admitted by scores, gpa, AP's, trophies from competing at national level for academic shit, etc. but didn't get into an Ivy so was considered a failure for not living up to potential. Got a scholarship to NYU. Parents house faced foreclosure and was eventually taken a few years later. Brother who I was closest to committed suicide when I was a teenager. When I blamed my Dad for putting pressure on my bro about school, he called me a drug addict because I had started smoking weed for the first time in my life.
Failed to meet scholarship academic requirements after bro's suicide, had to take out school loans, never finished my degree (humanities/premed) due to language requirement until this year, didn't become a doctor, got a job in IT because I was good at it, moved out, havent spoken to my Dad for 7 years until recently (still dont talk but he had emergency surgery very recently so I went to see him because mindset plays an important role in surgery and recovery and I don't wish him death)
I bring up this background because I doubt I was raised in an environment that fostered my mental well being but I would be a liar if I said I gained nothing from my life experiences and forced studying which ironically became a real love for learning (I would get punished for reading fiction novels classic or not as I wasn't allowed to hang out with friends). I was told by a professional that I was depressed and he prescribed anti-depressant but I never took it because someone stole my bag on the subway one day and I just never cared enough to go back to doctor or replace the meds.
But I ask myself today several years later am I depressed? I will periodically start a side-business, get it cash flow positive with healthy margins and then just give up because it feels like too much work to do myself or to hire and keep running. I turned down high paying (100k+) jobs in tech because it feels like too much stress and responsibility and I wanted to wfh (this was pre-covid which helped me tremendously bc I could keep wfh) because I kept quitting jobs because I would just wake up tired one day and face existential dread/overpowering laziness. Harder to quit when you only have to force yourself a few feet out of bed.
I'm underpaid and overqualified by choice for my current job. I live in a shithole basement apartment in NYC for dirt cheap rent while I have saved and made investments in equities, have about 100k in side capital. I am self taught in and qualified to be an app developer, web developer, network engineer, marketing professional at intermediate levels but am bored with these fields/don't what to do that for the rest of my life. I can and do work on cars/flip them, own e-commerce sites/flip them, doing my first real estate deal, but those are just things I did because they seemed interesting and challenging and I could not because I really wanted to. I want to and am taking classes/working on second degree/phd so I can work in Bioinformatics which likely won't earn me more money but is more interesting and challenging and is what I always dreamed of doing.
More importantly from a physical perspective, I fluctuate wildly between being completely sedentary as in not moving more than a few hundred steps weeks or months at a time and then doing things like playing basketball for an hour daily. I only shower if I find my own smell offensive or if I leave my basement room/will be seen/smelt/heard from and I love to take showers, I just find it so hard to get myself into the shower made worse by my sporadic laundry habit and wfh. So practically speaking like once/week if I am in sedentary mode. No one can tell because I never leave my place without showering. My weight fluctuates between normal and overweight, I've gained and lost 40-60 pounds within a year a few times (just by starting and then stopping calorie counting). My knees and back ache like I am pre-arthritic at times.
I have brain fog, find my mind races to new ideas or investments while I am working on something completely unrelated. My thoughts seem jumbled, I get deeply sidetracked by a new idea, need absolute quiet to get anything done, lose my thoughts if there is even the slightest amount of noise like when you have a word at the tip of your tongue and are using up all your focus to think of the word.
I sometimes feel like I am not interested in anything at all and have a hard time starting things, even things I loved. I used to game but dont really do that anymore and when I do its only non-immersive type of online time based pvp games like COD team deathmatch or smash bros, that I then proceed to get sucked into it for several hours and then not play again for weeks or months or years. I used to read several books fiction and nonfiction but now only read online technical articles/journals or politics/finance but will do that for hours when I should be doing things I need to that I am behind on, then I get overwhelmed and want to go to sleep. I tire myself out with distracted thoughts before I ever even get started on something I have to do.
On the surface level I have a lot of things other people would describe as successful that I didn't particularly have to work hard for and at the same time, I have not achieved much if any of my personal intellectual goals (working in neuroscience or bioinformatics) yet. It feels like everything I have is because I settled to do whatever was easiest for me that generated money but at the same time I feel like just laying in bed doing nothing or just sitting at my computer reading articles. I don't know what the hell I want or what I am doing. Is this just the ramblings of a normal person facing existential dread or is it all made worse because I am depressed? I keep asking myself if I am even depressed or just lazy/procrastinating and need to correct my habits.
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2020.11.29 02:45 alaskansteve Shocked

Well, not really in the mood to do this, but there is SO much happening, and NONE of it will be found unless you are watching the anons which is a difficult task in itself. It took me three MONTHS to figure out how to track the anons on 8kun. You need to be aware and prepared so I feel obligated. So what have the anons learned?
Let's start with the last post from Q. "Durham". That's it.
Well, apparently, Durham was given 20,000 (!!) ,military operatives to work on this election alone to discover the fraud and put together the criminal case against every person, entity, and organization involved with the crime. This is with FISA warrants to allow a broad investigation. The Q post pretty much is all the validation I need.
Furthermore, 4-8 operatives were at every major polling place with embedded video and audio recording EVERYTHING going on. This means they know every single last thing that happened, and we can see they are maneuvering for big things.
Trump just said that Pedo Joe will never be allowed to take office until he can prove his 80 million votes aren't fraudulent, and told reporters that in the next two weeks things will be exposed that will "shock" the world. I don't doubt it. Trump sited the fact that 1.2 million votes were created out of the air in PA alone for Pedo Joe.
Things are starting to turn, and EVERYONE can see it which means these are dangerous times.
  1. First of all, #BidenCheated is the number one thing trending on Twitter.
  2. CNN just ran a special showing that there are 13 paths for a Trump victory with ten paths for Pedo Joe. What that means is there are a dozen paths for Trump and NONE for Pedo Joe.
  3. They are just trying to warn their base to get their tear ducts probed and dilated before the next few weeks are over because there will be gallons of tears coming from these America hating traitors.
  4. Sidney Powell (SP) is openly asking for prayers saying she and her team have been under demonic attack like they have never experienced before. Anyone surprised?
  5. Liberals posted online that Jenna Ellis deserved to be raped yesterday. Clearly, defending the integrity of an election is worth such an attack, right? Just your daily affirmation we are dealing with pure evil.
  6. Lin Wood (LW) said that the dems are already setting up the narrative that Trump is setting up a coup which is projection meaning THEY are about to do this, and he said every last one of us needs to be ready to fight. I don't think he was just speaking figuratively or passively. He might mean literal fighting.
The turning point is going to be the critical time frame, but before I get there, let me update on the recent fraud.
Do you SEE what is coming?
CM also reminded the Trump team that the Venezuelans put all voting machines in the same warehouse then burned it to the ground and was warning them to take precautions now. CM also warned them that if they use the same voting machines in the Senate runoff, Dominion will overwrite the evidence of the presidential election fraud.
The "dark money" that liberals whine about went to Pedo Joe. There are logs showing the chain of custody of ballots, and of course those are now missing.
SP said they have pics of the check stubs they used to pay people to ballot harvest. She also posted this picture of FLynn to troll the left. Speaking of Flynn. The Trump pardon specifically states that Flynn was innocent. You gotta love Trump. Fat Nadler and Brennan are still going berserk about him being given a pardon.
Flynn is a TRUE American hero, along the lines of Washington and our forefathers. He SAW the corruption in the Fuhrer admin, and basically embedded himself into their organization to record everything they were doing way back before Trump came along. They KNOW he knows everything they were doing, and they will go down.
The Fuhrer (Obama) told Trump to fire FLynn. If you recall back under the days of the Fuhrer, ACORN was the Soros funded fraud organization du jour. It has been changed to a new name, and that group has direct ties to Dominion. That gets us to this. The tide is turning.
America is waking to the reality that this is the single biggest scandal in US history. Criminal activity at a level never seen in the history of this country. That means their tactics will shift. It went from, there is no voter fraud to there is some, but it doesn't matter, to this is going to be a coup by Trump.
The Trump team is absolutely masterful in their preparation. A BUNCH of maneuvers took place for what is coming. We know the Dept of Injustice is investigating Dominion. I expect them to work to cover up for Dominion, that is how little I trust them. Twitter is blocking SP's website and links to the lawsuits because after all, the most important lawsuits in US history aren't for people to have access to.
Something happened in Somalia. A CIA agent was killed there a few days ago, and now Miller, the head of the DoD is in Somalia. There is absolutely no reason for that unless the military is taking out an embedded CIA base which is what I think is happening. I think our military is actively taking out the rogue CIA. FLynn is in Holland right now.
The head scientist and head of the Iranian nuclear program was assassinated and Brennan went berserk because as Ted Cruz responded, he sides with terrorists who chant death to America. But there is more to this. Look at all the puzzle pieces. We KNOW Iran was working with Dominion, a CIA base is likely under attack in Somalia and the nuke program in Iran took a huge hit. Seems pretty obvious to me that our military just stopped a nuclear false flag that Brennan is seathing about.
Ten bases in Afghanistan were closed meaning those troops are here to stay for awhile. But here is where we also need to be cautious. Their goal is to stir up as much chaos as possible. An insider said that as the turning point takes place, expect big deep state shareholders to sell off to try to destabilize the market. He said at least one major network will fold, and one of the biggest heads of the dem deep state will fall before Trump's inauguration. Assange will be pardoned, Snowden will not since he is a CIA traitor. Expect ‪24/7‬ non-stop attacks from the media. This is why I go to 8kun. Military protection meaning info that can't be shut down.
Still more. Trump posted a seemingly innocent tweet showing a picture of a US fighter jet with a caption reading "Newly rebuilt military.” Why that matters is because of the treason of the Fuhrer who gave China access to our military codes which would enable them to remotely disable our military. This was his message that we are in sole control of our military now.
How about this? The DoJ just authorized executions by firing squad, electrocution and by poisonous gas! Why now? I think we know why. The military is still tweeting about their readiness and ability to act.
Trump fired Defense Policy Board members Kissinger, Albright and Cantor. I had no idea those worshippers of Satan were still involved. Absolute traitors. You can also see the left knows this is about to change.
Fox News is threatening any regulars to not speak on NewsMax. Why not? Their liberal new owners said on Twitter the message is more important than revenue. Now that no one likes or believes the message, you lose revenue, and all of a sudden it matters?
The teachers union is getting more and more threatening about their demands related to not just covid but all SJW issues. How do they have ANY right to make demands? Study after study is coming out, and libs are having trouble keeping the CV-19 paranoia running. 192 million Chinese kids are in school. An eight MONTH study covering 160 nations showed the lockdowns have NO impact in CV-19 deaths. John Hopkins posted a study today showing CV-19 has had NO IMPACT on US mortalities. It was insta-deleted.
The dangers of the vaccine are starting to leak out. This article points out the damage from this vaccine will not be reversible. The side effects are going to so common and so bad that the UK put an AI program into place to handle and track all the expected adverse reactions. The only "good" news is that the side effects from the vaccine will be so widespread and so severe, that they will be sued into bankruptcy, and it will be impossible to make them mandatory. The long term dangers will also emerge.
Despite this, Cuomo said there is no schedule to reopen NYC city schools. Is it any surprise they just cancelled all math and reading tests until 2022? The teachers cannot face the fact that these lockdowns set our kids back YEARS while they sit at home eating Twinkies and denying all science about how kids should be in school, all at taxpayer expense.
LA just instituted a 3 week stay at home order for no apparent reason. A woman in Canada was euthanized because she didn't want to face another day of lockdown isolation. Pedo Joe told people to forego the holidays this year while Trump told people to gather together. The contrast cannot be more stark.
In case you think libs aren't going insane, Keith Olberman who killed his fiance said that anyone who voted for Trump should be considered a criminal and should be locked up in Trump Tower. They are getting more militaristic in their threats.
Time magazine is insane. Here are their nominees for person of the year. AOC, Cuomo, Dim Whitmer and Fascist Fauxci. Cuomo and Fauci are mass murderers. LW said AOC is a liar and will not get away with it.
Some misc items then a commentary. The founder of Zappos is a 46 year old billionaire who just died of unknown causes. Disney fired 4,000 mostly black employees after heavily donating to OnlyBlackLivesMatter. A military insider said BLM is the money laundering operation while Pantifa is the US ISIS equivalent. YouTube banned ‪‬ of all people, one of the most scholarly websites out there for simply posting facts. This is crazy, but US debt to China has been decreasing a billion dollars a day for the past few weeks. Hungary called Soros puppet George Clooney an imbecile who couldn't find Hungary on a map. "Devoted" Catholic Pedo Joe mispronounced Psalms at least a dozen times. He also burst into flames when he touched a Bible. Dems are in a world of hurt because the recent election and polls show that illegals in Texas are heavily conservative and voting republican. This is the day they turn anti-immigration.
Now for the commentary. Can you SEE what is happening? Trump has completely overhauled the US military top to bottom and is in full control. There are ops taking place all over the globe. 20,000 operatives are working with Durham, Trump and Q JUST on the election fraud stuff. Trump said the next two weeks will be shocking.
Go back to the Jerome Corsi scenario. I cannot see how this applies. This isn't just fraud, this is organized crime working in conjunction with foreign nationals. This is literally a threat to national security and beyond the scope of the Supreme Court. Truly, this is a matter for the military. What happens if the election is tossed out? What happens to all the Congressional races? How does this get resolved? What happens when Pedo Joe is arrested with Kemp, Newsolini, etc.? Trump is GUARANTEED to be president, but Congress is a quagmire. Q has said FOREVER to "trust the plan", and it relates to this moment.
Think about this. They COULD have decided to intervene, sabotage Dominion, Smartmatic, etc and ensure a Trump victory. They have known about this since 2016 or earlier, and watched their latests tactics in 2018. That would have been the safe and easy path. They literally put the presidency on the line for THIS moment to destroy the entire deep state apparatus and players. They would only do this if they were certain of the outcome. This is truly a military operation and I don't see how the Supreme Court has any jurisdiction over military operations. I expect we are entering the window when we start to see suicides or deaths of high profile people. Time to be prepped and stocked up
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2020.11.29 00:43 PaleRain4581 40[M4F] #NYC. Any submissively curious females looking for an ongoing kinky connection and fun role play? Online to start but in person soon hopefully

40 male here in downtown NYC. I'’m in good shape, great career, mentally balanced, clean, and enjoy being dominant physically. Seeking an ongoing connection for a kinky FWB. I have my life together, feel good about life and have always been a happy person. I'm preppy in appearance. Generally speaking- I am looking to make a real connection with someone I can laugh with, click with, and explore with. Because of the pandemic I'm seeking someone who also follows safe and stringent safety protocols. Likely needs to start online for now and be socially responsible in the time of pandemics. Think of it as starting as online role play, hopefully moving to in person, all the while exploring how it feels to relinquish power and control, unplug your mind's worries, and learning about your submissive side.
I’m very into the mental aspects of BDSM. Over 15 years experience. Very skilled in rope play and am a mindful and careful dominant in all respects. Outside of bdsm roleplay, I enjoy sports, reading, being health-conscious, pop culture, karaoke, being a foodie, keeping up with current events, and covering my head from all the bad news in the world.
You: single, chill, clean, mentally balanced, average body type, can handle or open to kinky exploration. Not overly needy and drama free. Doing something productive with life will be helpful. Able to laugh
If you write please be sure to state age, location, body type and we can start a conversation and see where it leads. NO games. Looking for a real and balanced person
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2020.11.28 20:08 TheDoubtfulGuest A list with links of over 120 local makers, artists, and small businesses

(because Bezos doesn't need anymore money!)
1) Odds & Unfortunate Ends - Etched glassware (F*CK 2020 & Astrology themed) ethically sourced animal bone jewelry, plant hoe decals and designs, and sterling silver and meteorite jewelry.
2) KnottedYouth - Macrame jewelry, plant hangers, and decorations
3) Rose Creations - Chainmail Jewelry, dragons, and snakes
4) LoveTried - Fun and colorful resin jewelry
5) Her Hands Virtual Holiday Market - 13 women artisans (potters, jewelers, herbalists, batik/hand dyed fabrics, bakers and more!)
6) Beverly Hof-Miller - Batik and hand dyed pieces, hats, and jewelry
7) Mark Lowery - Customized virtual piano greetings
8) Molly Marie Gibson - macrame teething toys, bibs and burping cloths
9) LunaNovaStudio - Witchy cottage core and spooky home decor
10) Local Artisan Holiday Market @ Prospero’s - ceramics and more
11) Tera’s Vegan Cakes - Vegan baker specializing in cakes and cupcakes
12) TactileDreams - Hand crocheted scarves and hats
13) Seeds and Chevron - Hand sewn and beaded jewelry and resin jewelry
14) HandyCrafterBoutique - Ornament wreaths and wooden holiday signs
15) Red Hare Leather - Handmade leather goods
16) Mari B. Jewelry - Affordable and adorable jewelry and earrings
17) MottsApothecary - all natural soaps, lotions, and home goods
18) Lost & Found Design - Laser cut designs, crystals, and more
19) MMSC KC - Men’s apparel and grooming store hosting pop ups
20) Willet Studios - Cute novelty earrings and pins
21) Jenna Marie - Co Author of Many Faces of Autism: My Summer at Camp Sales support Camp Encourage
22) Dusey’s Designs on a Dime - Ceramics, glassware, and gifts
23) Alchemy Bath Co - all natural luxury bath products
24) Green Girl Chef - Personal chef specializing in restrictive diets, private cooking lessons, and dinner parties using local and organic ingredients
25) Dark Dove Studio DarkDove Studio - Handmade gifts ranging from spooky to vintage
26) Boda Woodworks - Customized quality wood creations featuring a pet toy box
27) Amy Desitter - Adorable masks and fine arts
28) Hello Fox Goods Hello Fox Goods - Ceramic planters, masks, and vintage wearables
29) Jaycee Designs KC - KC themed and personalized stamped jewelry
30) Don Davis - Self taught artist specializing in snowman paintings
31) Becky Armstrong - Custom genuine leather cuffs, bracelets, barrettes, and keychains and acrylic paintings
32) UpCycled Art by Deni - One of a kind glass mosaics and upcycled pieces
33) Mama Moody - Handmade masks and more
34) Christina Boda - Custom pens made from exotic wood and resin
35) Skie Person - custom spooky paintings, sculptures, and drawings
36) BlueStDesigns - acrylic paint pouring and jewelry
37) Birdie Hansen - wooden wick candles and crystal gifts
38) Daniela Failla - paintings, photographs, sculptures, and encaustic pieces
39) Commandeer - apparel brand with an edgy theme, masks, hoodies, shirts and more
40) Burlesque Bubbles - hand painted horror themed bath bombs
41) 21 Westland Row - hand blended perfumes and indie polishes
42) Victor Holeček dark and macabre paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints
43) Crossing Broadway - online boutique featuring women owned makers and sellers
44) 2 Thrifty Crafters 2 Thrifty Crafters - ornaments, wood signs, potholders,and etched glasses
45) Stardust & Shine Candle Company - vegan soy wax artisan candles and epoxy resin trays, coasters, and wine displays
46) Victoria Carpenter - baker specializing in French macarons
47) La Reina Beyouty - custom quality press on nails
48) Trendy Ginger - hand pressed cute T shirts and more
49) One Earth Studio - resin coasters, jewelry boxes, trays, and wall decor made with alcohol inks and acrylic paints
50) Bear Soap Company and - handcrafted soaps and more
51) CCP - arts educator and jewelry maker
52) Cristin Euston Design - predesigned and custom digital holiday cards
53) Dawn Van Kleeck - lip balm and smudge bundles
54) Dave Brenn - KC balloon artist specializing in family balloon night kits to alleviate stress and unwind during the pandemic
55) Hypnotique Alchemy - specializing in adorning gods and goddesses in wearable art, statement pieces, and dark decor
56) Otaku Shūri Nerd Repair - repairing and refurbishing vintage game consoles and building custom systems
57) Whalez Candels - beer and wine scented candles in upcycled bottles
58) Green Uptopia KC - maker made eco friendly goods
59) Crosben Contracting - personalized signs and wood working, candle holders, and larger scale projects
60) Unravelled - jewelry, hand dyed silk scarves and more
61) Julie Hall - ceramic artist with her own pottery studio
62) Beautifelt - watercolor and ink, prints, cards, stickers, and puzzles with a pop culture and KC theme
63) AEG Home made items - adult and kid sized masks with opening for a filter
64) Archival Designs KC - pottery studio making functional, microwave and oven safe cermaics
65) Jaykco Guitar Straps - custom suede guitar straps
66) Aiken’s Acre Aiken's Acre by Herod House - salt and sugar scrubs in reusable glass jars with cute ribbon hair ties
67) Emily Parnell - product designed to help kiddos learn the truth about Santa and other holiday critters and transition into keepers of the magic traditions
68) Kit Kat - beaded jewelry, acrylic pours, hand painted pieces, and custom clay dice
69) Alyissa Letters - hand lettered prints and polymer clay earrings
70) - more local shops and makers
71) Nicki Sobek Morrow - Christmas ornament wreaths
72) The Modern Muse Modern Muse - jewelry shop with custom designs, vintage finds, rugs, and Arkansas quartz crystals
73) Kansas City Canning Co. - pickles, preserves, cocktail goods, and other preserved treats
74) Brittany Pittser Art - paintings, drawings, acrylic pours, and custom pieces
75) Banana Cat Coolective - resin creations, jewelry, coasters, bookmarks, and more
76) Corntemporary Designs - custom market bags, match holders, and cozy shirts
77) Chuck Mount - hand painted ornaments with fun characters, pets, or people, and masks kids, adults, and bearded folks
78) Bobby Bakers Lounge - craft cocktails and yummy food
79) Up, Up & Away! - whimsical balloon sculptures with zero contact delivery
80) Keychains by Emily VIP - personalized keychains
81) Julep KC - cocktail bar and restaurant in Westport with cocktails to go currently!
82) Bella Luna Bracelets - genuine leather bracelets and goods
83) Leighton Emerson Gibbs - socio political and self satirical T Shirt designs!
84) Basin Knob Soap Co. - goats milk soaps!
85) Chris Truby Art and Woodcraft Chris Truby Art and Woodcraft - work working and home goods
86) Alitz Knitz - Crocheted earrings, barrettes, scrunches, and clothing
87) Multiverse Creations LLC - Custom home goods, woodworking, tables, trays, coasters, and Art!
88) Beautifully Delicious Bakery - specializing in decorative sugar cookies, cookie decorating classes, and more
89) Fierce Unicorns - Fabulous apocalypse gear and face masks
90) Snout and Proud - cute and kitschy jewelry
91) Cory Davis - Photographer now booking Christmas studio sessions
92) Clay Vibe - handcrafted clay jewelry
93) Ivory Isis - Herbalist who gives wellness consultations and sells ritual bath salt blends, essential oil candles and skin care, and elderberry syrups and jams
94) And Sew Forth - Seamstress and Stage manager using their skills to make masks sure to suit anyone
95) Two Tone Press - Sisters who run a letterpress print shop and make a variety of cards, posters, and neat displays
96) Worn Wizard - beautiful wire wrapped pendants in copper and silver with a variety of stones and crystals
97) Re Nue Home - home decor, wood signs, jewelry, laser cut wood items and more
98) Fangthorn Forest - local farm specializing in agritourism, produce, and handmade items
99) Spirit Craeft - handmade crystal orgonite occult jewelry, home decor, artwork and more
100) Succotash - artisan hot chocolate bombs with flavors like classic hot cocoa, hazelnut, pumpkin spice, and peanut butter
101) Garage Door Apparel - designing and printing inspiring apparel and now sewing handmade items for adults, kiddos, and your furry friends
102) The Little Wing - whimsical dolls and animal friends made from new and vintage fabrics
103) Bleach.Bae - KC teacher who makes stylish acid wash loungewear in a rainbow assortment of colors
104) Fancy Trash - galaxy and geometric mixed media pieces combining alchemy symbols and floral patterns
105) Kellie Bloxsom - modern art prints and home decor
106) Jessica Bloom - Hand designed KC themed holiday cards and prints
107) Mallory L. Davila - elegant sand eclectic jewelry and adult humor home decor
108) Justin Carter-Van Pelt - pop culture enamel pins and prints
109) Crane Brewing Co - delicious craft beers, taproom memberships, gift cards, and more!
110) Kassidee Quaranta - whimsical and nostalgic paper crafts and prints
111) After Word - cocktail, beer, and wine bar with shelves upon shelves of books, adult coloring books, and more
112) Crystal Ramirez Jewelry - Jeweler specializing in gold and silver pieces with beautiful natural stones
113) LYF3Upcycled - fantastic wearables and home goods made from upcycled clothing and fabric
114) Geeks With Sundries - hand crafted bath and body products, greeting cards, jewelry, and other goodies with a geeky pop culture theme
115) Sprokets Wooferia Treats - dog pizzas and other fun treats with 10% of sales donated to Pet Resource KC
116) Sew KC - KC pride apparel and goods like laser cut ornaments, glassware, and reusable masks
117) 40 Grit - handmade and totally customizable charcuterie boards and trays
118) Wind Shift Brew - craft beers brewed with skill, talent, and love
119) Craftology - hand made goods for babies and children like crinkle toys, blankets, teether, and burp cloths
120) Sisters Rockin Crystals - 3 sisters that specialize in wire wrapping and hand making rings, necklaces, and other pieces out of crystal and stone
121) Olive Tree - olive oil blends, balsamic vinegars, gourmet food, cooking classes and more
122) Suds of Sulis - artisan cold pressed soaps with scents like spiced cranberry and freshly fallen leaves
123) My Creative Outlet - unique and custom photo collages and other home decor
124) Hazy Daisy - affordable screen printing for boutiques and other small businesses
125) Outlander Entertainment - Local KC independent Publisher specializing in genre fiction, comics, and games
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2020.11.28 17:18 Stunning-Ad-6079 40[M4F] #NYC. Seeking an Asian female in NYC who is interested in exploring her dominant side. Can be online or in-person, light or intense. Fun or more serious. Let's escape these COVID blues in a fun way. Must follow covid safety

I’m 40, fit, intelligent, white established. Many life skills but with a more secret submissive side. I consider myself emotionally balanced and highly educated. In the vanilla world I’m a good cook, a great dessert maker, emotionally in tune, film buff. I live alone and have my own place. Suit kind of guy at work but casual intellectual at other times. Consider myself a pretty chill guy and looking to explore some fun role plays and just see where things go organically.
Not looking for a traditional relationship exactly but am interested in explore one that is based on power dynamics where power flows in one direction. There are lots of things to explore once we connect and share interests. For example, rewards systems, points systems, training to please, molding to your whims, etc. I'm into role play and establishing a role-play kind of scenario, whether the roles are occasional or daily, check in via texts, doing things to please you.
I’m a pretty normal and career oriented person. I envision we’d talk things out to see if there’s a connection and see if we can come up with a plan. Probably something that entails being trained and incorporating rewards and punishments and submitting to your desires into our relationship. I’m experienced with bondage, being in chastity, orgasm denial, and more. I’m also an excellent cook, conversationalist, massager, and a good support
Looking for someone who isn't fake, understands negotiation involved since we have somewhat busy lives, someone I can make some connection with, won't berate me or hit me up for dough in the first 60 seconds. And definitely takes covid safety seriously
Please include age, gender, ethnicity, location and stats when replying. Living near NYC strongly preferred
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2020.11.28 10:48 kokoromelody I am 30 years old, make $135,000 a year, live outside NYC and work as a Senior Data Analyst.

Section One: Assets and Debt
Section Two: Income
Section Three: Expenses
Weekly Expenses:
Food + Drink: $78.70 (including tip)
Fun / Entertainment: $0
Home + Health: $72.33
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Transport: $0
Other: $189.24
Day One (Monday)
8:45am: My alarm goes off and I hit snooze. One of the worst parts about the whole WFH situation has been how bad I’ve become with getting up on time, knowing that I can be at “work” in less than 15 steps. I scroll through social media a bit and catch up on some posts before getting out of bed.
9:15am: I’ve brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put on my skincare (toner, serums, and moisturizer) and am booting up my laptop. I changed jobs 6 months ago in the midst of the pandemic, leaving my previous role in financial services for a position in a large media/tech company, which has been a little crazy. It’s been tough doing everything remotely, and learning the new industry and programming/software has been especially difficult, but I feel like I’m getting my bearings. I start brewing some coffee.
9:30am: I hop on a Zoom for our weekly department huddle and listen as the different teams give updates on various initiatives as well as some background on company-wide kick offs and projects. Some of the projects I’m working on get brought up and it feels good to be doing what feels like actual work. After the call, I get to work on tackling work for some of the larger projects I have, which include scoping out source/logic details on a production report that we want to integrate in a new platform and QAing a table that I’m working on with data science.
12pm: I take a break to refill my coffee mug and make IG posts for my friends’ small business account and my own account (a food IG with 75K+ followers). I took on the first gig a few months ago when my friends, a couple in Brooklyn, launched their hand-crafted drinks business. I started the second, my personal account, over 3 years ago with a focus on restaurants in NYC. It stalled quite a bit over the last few months with the pandemic, but I’ve been dining out infrequently these days, and have limited myself to dining with only one friend at a time (out of a total of 3 friends since June, all of whom I know have tested negative and have been taking precautions since March).
3pm: I’ve wrapped up a touch base with a manager and a semi-stressful meeting where I had to present to some senior executives a dashboard we've been working on over the last few months. They have a few (mostly minor) tweaks that I note in a JIRA ticket before I grab my mask and take a quick break to stop by a local ice cream shop that’s invited me in to try their latest dessert special. There’s thankfully no one else there aside from one of the co-owners who recognizes me and gets my treats ready. I photograph them, thank her, and leave a $3 tip. $3
3:30pm: Back home, I get back to some Slack messages and try to prepare for another stressful call at 4:30pm that I have to lead. I finish eating the ice cream and call it lunch - but hey, that’s #adulting for you.
6pm: Wrap up some notes from the call and text my dad the address that I’m heading out to. I saw a 1BR condo listing pop up on Zillow over the weekend that looked promising, so I’m getting an in-person tour of it this evening. I get my mask on again and make the 5 minute walk to the building where the realtor is outside to meet me. We go inside to look at the condo for sale - the space definitely looks smaller in person than in the photos, and I note that a number of things need to be replaced or upgraded. I thank the realtor after the tour and give a call to my dad to let him know I’m okay and to give him my initial impressions of the space.
7pm: Back home! I wash my hands and change my clothes and get started on dinner; I’ve been craving soup these days so make a quick hot and sour soup on the stove with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tofu, and some corn I have in the fridge. While I eat, I edit the photos from my DSLR from this afternoon, and check my IG account email to reply to about 7 emails that came in today about campaigns and invitations to restaurants; one of these includes signing a contract with a new app that’s offering a generous sign on payment and potential future income. I catch up on IG posts and comments and text a few friends.
11pm: I spend the rest of the evening catching up on some news, watching the latest episode of the Korean drama Start Up, and finally take a shower. While my hair is still drying in a hair tower, I do a quick Chloe Ting workout; I started doing some of her workouts a few months ago and while I’m not doing them super seriously, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my abs and feel stronger overall. My Google Home plays some news snippets for me afterwards, and I roll my eyes at the continued attempts of our current president to try and derail the election results. On the plus side - the initial vaccine results from 2 firms have been super promising!
1am: I remember to take my daily multivitamins and then read a bit on my Kindle (I just finished Sex and Vanity, and start on Me Before You - another thing I picked up during quarantine, and I’ve already read over 30 books since March!). I then proceed to spend too much time on Instagram and reddit before turning out the lights.
Day One Total: $3
Day Two (Tuesday)
8:45am: Alarm goes off on the dot and I, the perpetual sleep procrastinator, snooze one too many times. I barely manage to make it out of bed in time to brush my teeth, wash my face, and chug some water before a 9:15am call. It’s a quick check in on projects within my business area so I summarize the work that’s been done and am grateful I don’t have to have my webcam on for this.
12pm: Unfortunately I need my webcam on for the next two meetings, so try to make myself look semi-presentable by combing through my hair and putting on a sweater, instead of my default hoodie. I get a little more clarification on some metrics and data sources in this upcoming platform integration and discussing my upcoming sprint priorities with my manager. At noon, I make a new post on my food IG and go through my feed. I pour my second mug of coffee and drink more water in preparation for the next batch of afternoon meetings.
3pm: Talk through more Zoom calls to the point that my throat is starting to hurt. I’m especially frustrated after the team huddle that just ended where one of the managers tells me my approach to building out the proposed data architecture is too limited in scope, and I should be more imaginative and proactive. The entire work from home situation has made it difficult to understand how to work with and collaborate with different people, so I try not to get too frustrated. I spend the rest of the afternoon making some minor adjustments to existing production reports and updating JIRA tickets.
5pm: I email over my dad a few of the more promising Zillow listings that landed in my inbox this morning. He jokingly complains that there’s too much to read and the words are too small before I realize that he’s been doing a lot of work on his laptop lately as he’s been WFH more. I take a look at a few computer monitors and opt for a larger (24”) version of what I currently have as it’s been working well for me for the last 6 months. I make sure it includes a HDMI cable and have it shipped my dad. $179.24
5:50pm: I grab my mask, bag, and camera and text my friend to let her know I’m en route to dinner; she’s one of the few friends I’ve seen in person since March and is also a food blogger with a separate full time job. She’s been quarantining in Long Island since the start of everything, and texts me that she’s driving in from her home, I head out to the PATH station, swipe in using my prepaid Smartlink card, and hop onto the next train.
6:35pm: I’m a few minutes late but make sure my friend knows I’m walking over, and meet her outside the restaurant. We get checked in, fill out our contact information on our phones, and get our temperatures taken; thankfully there’s only 2 other groups seated and the windows are open. Tonight’s dinner was an invitation that I already confirmed with the PR team, so the staff are expecting us and understand we’ll both be taking photos. We order a few apps and two mains, and spend the rest of the evening doing some quick photos and catching up on our lives, her plans to move into Manhattan or JC, and complaining about the ongoing election drama.
8:30pm: Dinner is done, and I realize I forgot to stop at an ATM and only have a dollar bill on me so ask if I can Venmo my friend my part of the gratuity. Thankfully she has $20 on her so I quickly Venmo her $10, making sure to use the adorable fries sticker to represent the copious amount that we ate tonight. $10
8:45pm: My friend and I walk out with our masks on, and I bid her goodbye and a happy Thanksgiving before stopping at the ATM to take out some cash, making sure to sanitize my hands after, and then head to my train. As I wait, I make some quick edits to the photos I took on my iPhone and add them with a few captions and tags to my IG stories; I manage to get through them all by the time the next train pulls up and leaves.
9:20pm: It’s always so nice to get back home! I wash my hands, change my clothes, and get started with transferring over the photos from my DSLR to my computer. I spend the next 20 or so minutes editing and saving the final versions in Adobe Lightroom and make sure to chug a glass of water to help balance out all the sodium I had. I check my messages and see that a restaurant in NJ confirmed a lunch delivery for tomorrow and see another contract in my inbox; I read the deliverables and ask the account manager if she can take out the clause requiring a Tiktok post because I don’t have an account.
11:30pm: I shower and put on my evening skincare, take my multivitamins, and do a quick ab workout with Chloe Ting (it still hurts lol). I take a look at my work calendar tomorrow and see that my first meeting starts at 9am, so I update my alarm to 15 minutes earlier. I take my vitamins and spend the rest of the evening catching up on some news, reddit, and IG.
1:30am: I blame Youtube vlogs for this one. Finally turn out the lights.
Day Two Total: $189.24
Day Three (Wednesday)
8:30am: Alarm goes off and I manage to get myself out of bed in a semi-reasonable fashion. Do my typical routine (brushing teeth, washing face, getting water and coffee ready) and log into my work laptop so I’m on the Zoom right at 9am. This is a belated overview session for one of the larger projects that I started working on quite late in the process, so it’s a useful business and data update that gives me a better understanding of the end goals.
12pm: Sit through one other department meeting where I don’t fully pay attention because I look into some minor report and code checks (oops). Once those wrap up, I’m able to take a break to do a post and stories for my friends’ business account and then make a post on my food account. I notice an email come in from a PR company about a new location opening for one of my favorite restaurants, so I check with one of my friends if he’s able to make the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and reply back to the email requesting it.
1:30pm: While I listen in on a company-wide speaker event on the topic of gender sensitivity and awareness, I also click through a recently assigned digital training course on sexual harassment and discrimination. I understand that the latter is a legally mandated item, but find it a bit sad (especially in the current day and age) that these are things that have to be spelled out for people. After I finish, I get a call for my lunch delivery; I grab my mask, keys, and wallet and meet the deliveryperson downstairs. I give him a $6 tip and take some photos of the items, which include chicken wings and a chicken sandwich. After I’m done with photos, I scarf down the food so I can make my next call which requires me to talk and have my webcam on. $6
4:30pm: I have a 1 on 1 with my manager and then a call with a business partner to scope out requirements for a new report. So glad to be done with calls! I get started putting together a project plan/roadmap for one of my projects and Slack one of the recently hired data engineers, who I found out grew up near me in suburban Philadelphia!
6pm: Get the shipping notification email that my dad’s monitor has shipped! I call it a day and close my work laptop and get started on my weekly apartment clean. I call my dad while I do so and let him know that his monitor should arrive on Friday; he thanks me and we catch up on work, COVID, and my potential future real estate investment. While I talk, I notice an alert from Mint that a large charge from Amazon hit my credit card; I’m a little worried until I log into my account and see that the annual prime membership has been renewed. Also tell my dad this as he heard me flip out thinking that someone had been making fraudulent charges on my card, as he and my mom are part of my “Prime household”. ($127, noted in my monthly expenses)
7pm: I’m done vacuuming and taking out the trash and am officially hungry. I make a quick tomato and egg soup with orzo and eat an apple while I wait for the orzo to cook. I wrap up some IG emails while I eat, including signing the updated contract with the Tiktok clause removed and politely declining some invitations to places that I’m not able to physically go to.
10pm: Wash the dishes, take a shower, brush my teeth and put on a clay face mask; while it dries, I do a quick 15 min workout on the mat and then wash off the clay mask before doing my skincare. I make sure to drink some more water and take my vitamins, and spend the rest of the evening in bed on my phone and working my way through Me Before You - it’s a slow start, but I’m starting to warm up to the protagonist.
1am: Lights out!
Day Three Total: $6
Day Four (Thursday)
8:30am: Forgot to change my weekday alarm back; oh well, I’ll survive. Crawl out of bed, and get ready for the day (you know the drill), and make sure I have plenty of coffee on hand. My period also just started, which is never a good sign.
12pm: The morning has just felt like an onslaught of meetings; followed by some impromptu Zoom calls. I’m starting to feel frazzled as various timelines and deliverables seem to have been shifted up and try to work with one of the other data engineers to specify possible business user requirements. This unintentionally gets shared with one of the project managers who sends an email en masse to the business users asking for sign off on this initial list. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but...
12:30pm: Make the post and stories on the small business account and my own account, finish the remainder of today’s coffee while I go through emails and minor JIRA tasks. I hop onto a share screen with one of my coworkers to transition over a project I’d been working on; I had built out a new dashboard and now that it’s “QA” state has been approved, he will now take over the more formal production process and maintenance.
3:30pm: During our second team stand up, I give my manager project updates and he immediately tells me I shouldn’t have let my list be shared with business users and other involved teams. I don’t fully get why; but after our team call he asks me to hop onto an impromptu Zoom with him where he tries to explain some of the complexities of company and team politics and how I should be very careful to give my stamp of approval, however formal or informal, unless I fully stand behind it. The conversation is a bit long, but I get a better sense of what's going on between teams and managers, and try not to cry as my manager tries to tell me it's not anything I did, but I need to be careful of my actions.
6pm: I manage to collect myself in time to meet a friend for the first time in months at an outdoor dine a few blocks away. He (and his girlfriend) was just recently re-tested as negative, which is always reassuring. While I get my belongings and my mask, my coworker Slacks me asking if I’m okay, apologizing for not messing earlier as she was on an afternoon call. She reassures me the same thing has happened to everyone else on the team, that a lot of these nuances I’m not aware of because I’ve never been in the office, and suggests putting on a one hour venting session with the other engineers in the team next week. I happily do so, and tell her I’ll catch up with her next week as I have off tomorrow.
6:30pm: My friend and I are seated near one of the heat lamps, and it’s so good to catch up with him after so long! He gives me some life updates, including the fact that he and his girlfriend are moving into a house they are waiting to close on, and the fact that he just put down a deposit for an engagement ring!! I’m so excited and barrage him with questions on timing, his plans, etc. and almost forget that we need to order food.
8pm: We have a delicious meal that includes burgers and a lobster roll (all of which I photograph) and he gets a few cocktails (I don’t drink). I leave a $10 tip, and my friend puts down $15 for his share, factoring in the alcohol. We mask up before heading out, and I tell him I want updates on everything for the next month as he goes through all those major life events! $10
8:30pm: After my short trip home, I wash my hands, change, and get started on editing photos from tonight. I definitely feel much better after the work “event” and take a longer shower tonight to decompress.
11pm: Decide to skip the workout tonight because I feel like it, and sit in bed doing some more administrative/scheduling tasks on my iPad in bed. I see a few updates from some of the team in India (yay international time zones - not) and debate if I should handle these tonight. Since I’m out tomorrow, I know it’ll be better if I do, so hop back onto the work laptop to wrap up some last minute code edits and JIRA updates. Once I’m done, I make sure my OOO notice and status in Slack are updated and eat a yogurt cup with some grapes because, yes, I’m hungry-ish again.
1am: Hair is dry, vitamins are taken, and it’s time for bed... or not? I’m already past the halfway point of Me Before You and cannot stop reading - it’s at the point where I’m now seriously invested in the relationship between the female and male protagonist and have to know how it ends (even though I already have my guesses). I speed through the rest of the book and shed a couple tears when I finish, which is past 3am. Thankfully I’m not working the next day! I make sure to set my alarm for later and finally go to bed.
Day Four Total: $10
Day Five (Friday)
11am: My alarm goes off and I actually feel semi-decent upon waking up - I don’t think I will ever not be a night owl! I get dressed and get ready to head out to try and get a COVID test; I last took one in June so want to have a more up-to-date status, especially as I’m potentially going home the next week for Thanksgiving. I haven’t seen my parents for over a year at this point and my dad has offered to drive down from Boston to pick me and my sister (in college, who is tested every week) up, but I’m still not feeling great about it given the fact that my parents are in their 60s. At the very least, I want to get a test to have more information before making any final decisions. I drink some water so I’m at least hydrated.
11:30am: I grab my Kindle, mask, and sanitizer and head out to the nearby mobile testing center that was set up. The line is about 15 people long - not terrible, especially as everyone is spacing out 6+ feet between each other - so I head to the end and spend the 2 hours or so in between my phone (making my daily IG post) and my Kindle (next up: Olive, Again) While I wait, I get an email about one of the campaigns I’ve been ironing out, and confirm I’m planning on visiting this weekend to get photos so I can send the content draft over for approval afterwards.
1:30pm: The process is pretty seamless; I fill out my information through my phone, upload a photo of my insurance card, and get my temperature and blood pressure taken before the nasal swab. It’s not that bad, I guess, but having anything put uncomfortably deep into your nasal passages is not fun. The doctor tells me I should get my results by the following Tuesday through the online patient portal; I thank him and head back out with my mask on.
2pm: Home and officially hungry, so after washing my hands and changing, I bowl a pot of water and put in a block of Shin Ramyun. I make it a little less like what I ate back in college by adding in some frozen corn, spinach, and an egg. I also eat an apple and catch up on some emails and go through IG before taking a fat nap.
6pm: I’m woken up by a text from my dad; it’s a picture of his new computer set up at home, and I’m glad to see everything’s working and should hopefully help his eyes. I take a second look at the photo and see that he’s using a tiny USB wire mouse - which he probably got as a work freebie. I sigh and find a wireless mouse on Amazon to have delivered to him the next day; I send him a text to watch out for that delivery as well tomorrow. $10
7pm: Time to head to the grocery store! I have a few options within walking distance of me, but like going to the Asian grocery store just given how unique and sometimes hard-to-find their selection is. I’m doing a virtual dinner swap with a friend tomorrow so I need to get ingredients for that, as well as my weekly grocery shop. I make sure I have my mask and reusable bag, and stock up on tofu, zucchini, mushrooms, bok choy, more apples (Fuji, but Honeycrisp is also a fav, ground pork, and some snacks, noodles, and yogurt. I struggle a bit to carry it home. #smallpeopleproblems $33.31
8pm: Once home, I unpack everything and get started on a (very butchered) version of soondubu with Napa cabbage, zucchini, and mushrooms with a spicy soup base (dwenjaeng paste, gochujang, soy sauce, gochugaru). I cook some rice on the side. While I eat, I load up Netflix and decide to start on The Queen’s Gambit.
11pm: Shower, skincare, and vitamins - and I end the evening with another quick mat workout. After I blow dry by hair, I climb into bed and spend far too much time on the phone as my brain wanders and gets in knots about Thanksgiving next week; my parents and I agreed not to make any decisions until I got my results back, but even if it’s negative, I know there’s still a risk if I were to let my dad pick me up and take me home. I know he and my mom really want to see me though, which makes me feel even more conflicted. I tell myself to stop thinking about it until next week and double check my schedule for tomorrow before opening up my Kindle to read.
2am: Finally decide to sleep after getting distracted by Youtube, again. Oops.
Day Five Total: $43.31
Day Six (Saturday)
10:40am: My weekly Saturday alarm goes off; my friends behind the small business and I have our recurring call every Saturday morning and while I would like to sleep in, I force myself to get up, brush my teeth, and do a quick face wash.
11am: I drink some water as we catch up on today’s agendas and tasks; we’re finalizing a seasonal holiday drink to be rolled out after Thanksgiving, so we go over the ingredients and timing, and figure out when I’ll be able to visit them in Brooklyn next month to get the photos for future posts and website updates. They also tell me they’d like to grab some photos of their new house (that they’ll be closing on soon) while I’m there, and I’m happy to do so. My friend tries to tell me that they’ll pay me extra for this, but I laugh and tell her she can just feed me.
12pm: Grab my mask, keys, and camera - Time to head out today! I have two stops near me to get photos for upcoming posts; one is for a bakery chain releasing a seasonal cake flavor and the other is for a newly opened location of a pizza franchise. My pick up order for the bakery was made in advance, so I stop inside, give them my name for the order, and after a little confusion that leads to them calling a manager, I have my cake ready to go. I take it outside to photograph; this campaign is offering a small payment but thankfully doesn’t need to review the content before I post.
12:30pm: I load up the app for the pizza place on my phone and use the pre-loaded credits to place my order in advance so it’ll be ready for pick up once I arrive. It’s a 15 minute walk or so over, but the pies are ready for me when I get there. The staff is nice enough to put them in a bag for me (they’re personal pies, so thankfully small enough) and I walk over to the waterfront to take some photos out there. I add some photos to my stories and walk home with my goodies; I’ll need to write up and submit the content for approval before posting, but this campaign is also offering a small payment.
1:30pm: Finally home! I wash up, transfer my photos to my laptop, and get started editing. In between, I make a post to my food account and the small business account, catch up on comments and friends’ posts, and try not to make a mess while eating some pizza and a slice of cake.
3:00pm: After putting the leftovers in the fridge, I’m ready for a nap. I set an alarm for 5pm just in case I oversleep since I need to make dinner late for my dinner swap!
5:00pm: Alarm goes off, and I struggle to get out of bed. I know I want as much time as possible to cook though, especially as bad things happen when I rush. I prep the food in advance by washing the bok choy, slicing the mushrooms, and mincing garlic and ginger. I do a bok choy and mushroom stir fry, and make mapo tofu and rice. I barely finish in time to package half of the meal into to-go containers for my friend, and text him; he tells me not to rush and that it’s cold enough so that the dessert won’t melt (lol).
6:40pm: I meet my friend outside halfway between our apartments outside of City Hall; of course we’re both masked. We do our meal swap; I give him the savory items I made while he hands over 2 small containers - and we both head to our separate homes. When I get back, I find out one has tiramisu and the other has a matcha oreo ice cream! I log onto Zoom for our virtual dinner hangout. Even though my friend is so close, he sees his parents regularly as well, so has been doing his best to be extra cautious. We’ve come up with this set up where we’ll each swap items for dinner (usually I’ll cook the savory and he’ll order dessert) and exchange them before enjoying dinner over Zoom later.
8:30pm: Call is over, so now it’s time to clean the kitchen - and it’s definitely a mess, especially as I was a bit frazzled. I wash the many utensils and pans I went through and do my best to dry them; washing up is definitely the least fun part of cooking.
11pm: Spend the rest of the night killing time between my phone, Netflix, and emails. I ask one of my friends (whom I saw earlier in the week) about some potential dates and places over the next few weeks, and send over calendar blocks while I wait to get reservations confirmed.
1am: By this point, I’ve showered, taken my vitamins, and am ready for bed. Read a little, watch some more videos, and eventually fall asleep sometime later.
Day Six Total: $0
Day Seven (Sunday)
12:30pm: It’s the one day this week that I don’t have an alarm, so I let myself sleep in for as long as I want to - which means that yes, I will sleep through the morning and into the afternoon. I dawdle in bed, posting on my food account and catching up on my feed, and just scrolling through various news articles and reddit threads.
1:30pm: After finally washing up and drinking some coffee, I grab my mask and bag to round out a few more groceries for the week; even though the Asian grocery store is great, they don’t have some staples so I’m heading to one of the more traditional stores near me today. I pick up some pasta, tomato sauce, oatmeal, peanut butter, and some more produce. $16.39
2:30pm: Once I’m back home and put everything away, I make a late lunch of oatmeal and apples with some Annie’s Mac & Cheese. While I eat, I start putting together the post and story captions, tags, and links for the pizza campaign, and submit them to the account managers for approval.
5:00pm: After some more dawdling on my phone and getting through more of The Queen’s Gambit (so good!), I hop onto a weekly Zoom with two of my good friends. We’ve known each other for over 8 years and while I do see one of them semi-regularly, the other has some health complications. We’ve kept this weekly Zoom call since mid-March and it helped me get through the rougher months.
7pm: After the call is over, I check my Amazon cart and take a look at anything that’s accumulated over the prior week. For non-essentials, I’ll add them to my cart and take a few days to think through if it’s something I really want/need and I’m usually able to pare down that list when I get back to it later. I decide to keep a saucepan and bath towels and order them for next week. $72.33
8pm: For dinner, I default to my tomato & egg soup with rice, and add in some zucchini for some more vegetables. I eat an apple and finish off the ice cream from yesterday as well.
11pm: Shower, do my skincare, and plop myself into bed. I continue binge-watching The Queen’s Gambit until the end - such a satisfying ending!
1am: Make sure my alarm is set for work before turning out the light.
Day Seven Total: $88.72
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2020.11.28 03:42 Jason6466 Bloodwork

Any reliable places to get blood work done ? Nyc In person or online
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2020.11.26 23:15 blondbikerofamerica Is there such a thing as investing in too many funds? What should I do with $50k this weekend? Also approximately 6 other questions related to investing

Hey there, this is my first Reddit post!
I am trying to figure out what to do with $50k in cash I've raised from selling ESPP shares. Below I've written out some info about me, my current portfolio, all my many questions, and my financial goals.
A little about me: 31, single, American working for a company in the UK, no kids, all student loans paid off, no debt.
I was going to take the $50K and invest in an index fund (also leaving some money for taxes next year), but then had a million questions:
  1. Do I just put $50K in the S&P 500? Do I do this in one go? Or do I do this slowly over a few months?
  2. Should I do a portion in the S&P 500, a portion in a foreign equivalent of S&P 500 (can't remember what it's called), a portion in some niche index fund, etc?
  3. Mutual funds are out of the question because of the fee. I would prefer to set and forget my money for the majority of the time, so I don't know if ETF is the best way to go because I won't be actively trading. But if I get an index fund and it doesn't do automatic re-investing of dividends, am I going to have to check in every week or so and manually re-invest myself?
  4. I have a stock portfolio and the two retirement/pension funds - can a person have too many funds? Even if each individual fund is diverse, if you have a bunch of funds, can you max out? Does it make sense for me to buy into another index fund since I've already got 2?
  5. I know I pay 1% fees to a renown wealth management fund to manage my stocks. I have a portfolio that's grown a ton and is performing well ... I also know in 40 years those fees will have added up. HOWEVER there are a ton of other endeavors I want to pursue other than reading up on personal finance after a 10 hour work day - should I just throw the $50K to him and have him invest it?
  6. Later on, let's say in 4 years I get my sh*t together confidence-wise with the whole managing my own portfolio thing i want to divest my stocks and bonds from the fund manager - how do I do this? I have a Schwab brokerage account already, do I just transfer for ex 300 shares of Salesforce stock over there? Will it lose value? Are there tax implications?
My overall portfolio/net worth looks like
If it helps, these are my 5 year financial goals:
  1. Quit my job in 2022 and give myself a year to get a low-capital intensive online business off the ground. Will need about $45K min cash.
  2. Just build wealth.
  3. Purchase a second property somewhere in America, thinking Raleigh/Durham. But that is more a 4 or 5 year goal since I want to quit my job in a year and that's not great for a mortgage.
    Thank you for any feedback and suggestions on what to do, what you might do, etc!
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2020.11.26 16:19 PaleRain4581 40[M4F] #NYC. Seeking online roleplay (online to start then in person). Tender Disciplinarian seeks a female to develop a program of self-improvement in 3 areas of life via a program of rewards and punishments.

I'm a 40 year old dominant man, single, have my own place. You might call my style a 'nurturing disciplinarian.' I'm quite kinky and experienced, professional career, suit and tie kind of guy. Decent shape and mentally strong. I'm especially interested in the mental and psychological aspects of power and control, and I like to help people with self-improvement as well. Normally I'd be looking for an ongoing play partner or kinky FWB for fun and safe exploration in person. But given the pandemic dragging out indefinitely and all the safety issues involved I'm considering taking on one person for an online arrangement. Online at least to start I have experience with this and it was very fun and she improved in areas she herself choose for her career, social skills, and appearance, and I'm actively pursuing a similar experience online now.
Communication and trust are key. As well as come connection. She would tell me what she is failing at in life, her biggest shortcomings, her short or long term goals. I would supervise and train her to improve on those three things specifically, and others of my own choosing more generally. Together we would work on a fun, consensual plan including points and rewards for reaching goals on a tracking sheet, or punishments for continued lack of improvement. It would be a combo of fun but somewhat strict online roleplay.
Please be aware that this would include some sexual element (after all I would be training and providing you with my time and attention, but nothing past your comfort zone)- for example being allowed to orgasm or touch yourself, or being denied orgasm until certain goals achieved. But I foresee this remaining online on a texting platform. But do note that I will be your trainer and disciplinarian to help you achieve your personal goals through reward and punishment and I will push you to achieve your potential.
To be considered please provide this simple information and include all elements
Location, Age, Gender, Height/Weight, Ethnicity and at least one Self-Improvement Goal.
No Reddit chats, just a brief but well thought out message
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2020.11.26 16:18 PaleRain4581 40[M4F] #NYC. Seeking online roleplay, moving to in-person. Disciplinarian seeks a female to develop a program of self-improvement in 3 areas of life via a program of rewards and punishments.

I'm a 40 year old dominant man, single, have my own place. You might call my style a 'nurturing disciplinarian.' I'm quite kinky and experienced, professional career, suit and tie kind of guy. Decent shape and mentally strong. I'm especially interested in the mental and psychological aspects of power and control, and I like to help people with self-improvement as well. Normally I'd be looking for an ongoing play partner or kinky FWB for fun and safe exploration in person. But given the pandemic dragging out indefinitely and all the safety issues involved I'm considering taking on one person for an online arrangement. Online at least to start I have experience with this and it was very fun and she improved in areas she herself choose for her career, social skills, and appearance, and I'm actively pursuing a similar experience online now. But I would prefer that we move into in-person at some point as we navigate covid.
Communication and trust are key. As well as come connection. She would tell me what she is failing at in life, her biggest shortcomings, her short or long term goals. I would supervise and train her to improve on those three things specifically, and others of my own choosing more generally. Together we would work on a fun, consensual plan including points and rewards for reaching goals on a tracking sheet, or punishments for continued lack of improvement. It would be a combo of fun but somewhat strict online roleplay.
Please be aware that this would include some sexual element (after all I would be training and providing you with my time and attention, but nothing past your comfort zone)- for example being allowed to orgasm or touch yourself, or being denied orgasm until certain goals achieved. But I foresee this remaining online on a texting platform. But do note that I will be your trainer and disciplinarian to help you achieve your personal goals through reward and punishment and I will push you to achieve your potential.
To be considered please provide this simple information and include all elements
Location, Age, Gender, Height/Weight, Ethnicity and at least one Self-Improvement Goal.
No Reddit chats, just a brief but well thought out message
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2020.11.26 13:19 nyrent_ownsell 5 Amazing Tips for Finding an Apartment In NYC

5 Amazing Tips for Finding an Apartment In NYC
While it is exciting to move to the exciting New York City and buy an apartment here; it can get quite challenging for an individual to find an apartment. There are hundreds and thousands of people around the world flying in every now and then in an attempt to make it big in the Big Apple and therefore, the competition is high when it comes to finding the perfect rental apartment here.
Along with that, one should be aware of the high cost of living, broker fees, and to top it all; less information in terms of neighborhoods and boroughs. While the problems are endless, being prepared is the best way to make an informed decision.
Don’t worry, take a look at some tips to find an apartment in NYC.
1. Start Early
There is no such thing as the right or perfect time to start finding yourself an apartment. The earlier, the better. When it comes to moving to this exciting city, preparation should be a priority. List your priorities prior to the search as every neighborhood seems appealing, almost every other borough feels good. Some areas might be an utter disappointment, while others might seem desirable but very expensive.
Therefore, you must list your interests, a month prior to the actual search. List every possible need or priority as you will be able to eventually find yourself the right apartment.
2. Budgeting
The cost of the apartment or the rent of the rental apartment is among the first things that need to be sorted before finalizing an apartment. This becomes all the more important if you are seeking out an apartment in NYC. As per general consensus, if you are paying a dime over one-third of your yearly income for your rent; you are technically "rent-burdened". When looking for an apartment to rent; most tenants are expected to earn forty times the monthly rent as annual income.
As you start budgeting, you will be able to shortlist the right boroughs, neighborhoods, and eventually apartments. This step is all the more important so that you know exactly what you can afford to pay as rent or down payment in case you are buying.
3. Find a roommate
Before you go apartment hunting, it is important to start finding a roommate. Of course, you wish to have an apartment on your own but you have to be realistic when it comes to renting an apartment in New York City. Also, if you are looking to rent in an upscale neighborhood, then you must look for two roommates to live comfortably in an apartment. It would be best to rent an apartment with someone who can or is willing to share the expense. Make sure to look for a roommate through trusted online forums or have an old friend move in with you. Either way, you both must agree on multiple terms like costs, the standard of living, location, preferences, and requirements.
4. In-person visit:
Although there are a lot of ways and platforms to view and confirm the apartment, nothing beats personal visits. Trust us, one visit is not enough to finalize an apartment. Make sure you visit all the apartments you have shortlisted twice or thrice to make sure you have made a sound decision.
Once you have finalized the apartment, make sure that you visit it at different hours of the day. Especially, in the wee hours and late at night. Sometimes, you could be impressed by a neighborhood due to less traffic in the morning for an easy commute. However, it could be a total fish market by the night. Take your time to choose the apartment. Also, have your building and its rules properly vetted before you sign the lease. This is all the more important if you have a pet or other needs and requirements.
5. Documentation
This is one of the most important steps of the entire procedure. Remember, you are not the only one eyeing that dream apartment of yours. It can vanish and be out of your sight and plan in a jiffy so make sure you have your paperwork ready. Keep the following documents ready never know when you might be needing them.
  • Your passport or driver’s license for Photo ID.
  • Application with all your employment details like salary, appointment date, etc. A letter of acceptance must be kept handy in case you are a student.
  • Three months bank statements and pay stubs copies.
  • Two years statement of your tax returns.
  • Keep your credit and character clear and high.
All in all, the above tips are helpful in terms of finding yourself an apartment in New York City. Although it is a bit of a challenge, the above tips would keep you covered and prepared while finding an apartment. After all, the best apartment that you desire, must be yours.
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2020.11.26 02:23 giles2910 Real estate career

Hello. I am an educated healthcare professional living in NYC interested in a change of careers. I am hard working, persistent, and personable. I have recently taken a real estate online class for paralegals from a NY university. I am a native NYer w/o a strong online presence and average computeMicrosoft skills. Any advise? Do I need to be a computer wiz? Anyone interested in mentoring someone like me? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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2020.11.25 22:59 SpecialistBlend85 RT student seeking advice

Im in NYC and i applied to a nursing program and a RT program.
The RT one is accredited and located in Nebraska but its part time/online, meaning lecture and lab is remote but clinicals are in person wherever you live. But its up to the student to secure a clinical site.
I've been accepted into the program since october. Meanwhile the RN program i applied to is busy playing head games with its applicants in terms of whether or not all the acceptance letters had been sent out or not (I've yet to receive one and they started yesterday, but i haven't got a rejection yet either so...).
Anyway... Since I already work at a hospital in NYC, I spoke to the Respiratory dept manager and he said hes willing to host my clinicals. But today, I got an email from the RT program's clinical coordinator who said:
"We don't have a signed affiliate agreement with your clinical site, but hopefully by Feb 1 HR and the ED dept will have that completed. So, you are good to go, knowing that if the affiliate agreement isn't signed by the time you start clinical rotations in Jan 2022, you'll have 3 options: 1. find a different location, 2. complete rotations where there is an established affiliate agreement, 3. drop the program."
Im probably jumping the gun and perhaps all will work out, it will get signed, etc... But im honestly worried and thinking the worst case scenario, especially in light of whats going on with my RN application.
I mean what if its not signed by Feb 2021, I spend all of 2021 completing my first year respiratory classes but unable to get an affiliation agreement signed with another hospital/clinical site by Jan 2022??
It would be like a waste of time and money if it goes that route. Well maybe not waste of money because my employer is reimbursing me but still...
I kinda feel like I have to stick with it because I didn't hear anything from nursing but I don't know I have to do something I've been a patient care tech for 10 years now 😞
any suggestions? Should I just stick with this respiratory program and maybe the agreement will be signed without any issue? I mean im not the only out-of-state student in the program, theres one person from CA, FL, etc.
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2020.11.25 21:39 emanresu000000 Ranting about online dating issues

I’m a private person. I don’t feel the need to share my whole life with the internet. I have social media apps but I rarely post anything. I prefer to keep my web presence under my name and face professional for the most part.
I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I’m ready to date again. BUT dating apps are soo invasive to me. They want 15 pics, my job title and company, college AND high school, hometown, blood type etc.
I don’t live in a big city like LA or NYC, if I did maybe I would feel more comfortable. It is easy to match with or see someone who knows or dated your ex. Or your coworker, or a prospective employer. Or a relative of a relative. And a lot of people I know, and people on the internet, take screenshots of profiles and gossip. A miscommunication can lead to a screenshot that could ruin your life. I can’t rock with that.
There are apps that are more private for fringe groups, I’m not interested in fringe. I believe I am a normal mid 20s woman. I don’t mind texting, but I’d rather call a guy or FaceTime him for hours. I would rather do a 20-30s meetup than a dating app if it wasn’t 2020. These dating apps encourage chatting through their platform. I feel like I’m playing a game when I’m on hinge or tinder. CMB is the best for serious dating but there seems to be a small number of users in my area.
Is there a popular app for people who are looking to meet new people that isn’t about the best profile. That doesn’t ask you to put all your business out for people to flip through, screenshot and post online or worse save for whatever.
App developers: please do a dating app that is anti swipe like CMB and takes discussion starters from hinge and forwards messages to your cellphone number so you don’t need to be logged in. I wouldn’t mind watching a 30 sec ad every hour.
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2020.11.25 20:31 alaskansteve It’s Coming 🤯

There is GREAT news, and as always, I build up to it, but we are finally HERE. The moment we have been waiting for. The first counter punch to be thrown by Trump. Lin Wood (LW) said Sidney Powell (SP) will be filing her "epic" lawsuit in GA today. He said the media will do all they can to discredit everything in it, but it won't work.
Dems are in a world of hurt, and I find it hilarious that this is about to get filed right before Thanksgiving meaning their holiday is going to be ruined, and anyone unlucky enough to have to share the same space with these miserable self loathing losers will have their day ruined as well as we ALL know liberals cannot be civil, cannot keep peacefully to themselves, and will start an ugly confrontation. After all, they have hate in their heart and cancer in their souls, but they have more.
A study in March showed 50% of liberals ADMIT to having mental health issues. This is what we are dealing with. If you don't think they are SCARED of what is coming, you haven't been paying attention. Everywhere you turn there are pleas and threats for Trump to concede with censorship and cover ups at all locations. YouTube just censored and demonetized OAN. IBM shutdown 57 channels on CloudHub. They are telling you that if you join Parler, you are a racist Nazi. That is LITERALLY what they are saying.
If you try to like a post from Trump on FakeBook, you get a warning that it is a lie (essentially). Rachel Madcow said anyone contesting the election results should go to jail. Lyin' Paul Ryan said Trump should concede. A Pantifa leader said Trump had better concede by Sunday OR ELSE, and he reminded us he had weapons.
We just learned that since the election, FakeBook has been censoring Breitbart. Great conservative mind Jordan Peterson is about to have a new book published, and the liberal soy riddled snowflakes at the company begged them not to publish it and broke out in TEARS at the meeting when told they were going to. This is ALL an admission that they cannot win in the war of ideology and facts. If they could, they wouldn't need to threaten or censor. Their ideas and facts would be all they need to rely on. Since they fail on all fronts in those realms, they resort to threats, censorship, lies. and true criminal activity. The criminality is insane, and I cannot believe how open it is.
These people face decades in jail. PA and GA just switched the election law days before the election without approval by the legislature meaning it is 100% illegal. It is truly like playing a basketball game on the road, and the home court refs say that free throws by the home team count for five points each, now deal with it and accept it. The PA Supreme Court is absolutely criminally insane. They have made illegal ruling after illegal ruling and just said that ballots without names, dates or addresses were valid!
These people are going to be at BEST disbarred, and likely thrown in jail. They ignored an ORDER from the Supreme Court to separate ballots! What will they use for their defense? Dim Whitmer stepped in herself to let everyone know that there are no records of her $25 million deal with Dominion. Yes, there actually are despite you burying them. The NSA will have them, and I for one hope she gets true justice. We have rarely seen someone so tyrannical in office in all of US history.
The criminal thug from Dominion illegally updated the software on 30,000 voting machines in GA right before the election. As bad as the security on the system already was, any update has to be approved for just this reason, and it wasn't. LW said that this election is about the survival of the greatest nation on Earth and that every lie would be exposed. He also said that the GA Sec'y of State and Governor Kemp continued the fraud during the recount and audit! Good grief!
These d'bags truly want to go to jail for life. EVERYTHING they do is being captured, and they still commit crimes knowing this. Remember, this is one of the nation's best attorneys saying what has happened. He isn't going to lie just to make conservatives feel better. If he says it is true, it is practically gospel (small g). You would think that alone would get the attention of liberal fraud deniers who are literally looking at years in prison, but their hubris is endless. They are living in a fantasy world, and Jenna Ellis said Pedo Joe picking his cabinet is the same as picking a fantasy football team. EXACTLY!
In WI, there are strict criteria to be able to use an absentee ballot. The most they have ever had in one election was 20,000. This time it was 120,000. They think this won't be noticed or caught? Remember when I said trusted sources might not be trusted after all this? Laura Ingraham said it is time to accept Pedo Joe's victory. Who in their right mind looks at the fraud, hears what the Trump legal team says and reaches that conclusion, especially a supposed Trump supporter? It defies logic.
Two studies showed the influence of media. Media suppression of seven major issues related to the campaign swayed 17% of voters to Pedo Joe. Topics like Hunter Biden , the Trump economy, etc. Another study showed Google influenced at LEAST 6 million votes. This is actually GREAT news. Not kidding. You have to believe and understand this ENTIRE election was the greatest sting in the history of humanity.
How do sting operations work? Do you grab the perp before they commit the crime? No, you let them commit the crime, catch them then show the evidence of their guilt. Trump's EO made it a CRIME to spread disinformation and propaganda to interfere with the election. We now have two genuine studies showing this was the case with empiric data. This is going to be used to destroy the media and tech giants. Trump will wield unbelievable power. He will be able to not just freeze, but also SEIZE assets from criminal organizations.
Trump hasn't answered a media question since the election, and why would he. Leave them in the dark, nervous, scared, and clueless as to what he knows and has on them. This is his Sun Tzu inspired game plan. Let their anxiety lead to them rash maneuvers. He did this with the impeachment, RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, etc. The media and deep state would come out with a flurry against him, and he would sit back calmly like Colombo then use the facts to utterly decimate them, and that is happening right now.
Is this all wishful thinking on my part? Not a chance. A three star general, a guy named McInerey, said Trump got 410 electoral votes and 80 million popular votes. Who are you going to believe? A three star general with access to the confiscated server, or Rachel Madcow?
General Flynn's son said that we cannot imagine what is happening behind the scenes right now. Patriots everywhere. Keep the faith, we will win. Again, who do you believe? A general with the deepest clearance to the REAL data, or Alyssa Milano?
Need more? The Overstock CEO is a billionaire libertarian who has apparently been working with the Trump team providing huge amounts of funding. He created his own investigative team and said there is evidence of fraud everywhere. According to Robert Steele who is personal friends with SP and speaks with her daily, there are three immensely influential billionaires working to expose the fraud. That is HUGE, and much more in a minute.
LW said this election fraud was a middle finger to America, and that evidence of fraud keeps pouring in every day. He said the enemy wants YOU demoralized, so don't give in to their wishes and game plan.
But here is where it gets REALLY interesting. People looked at the Trump legal team and realized that SP and LW are pursuing the CRIMINAL side of things while Giuliani and Jenna Ellis are pursuing the Constitutional side of things. SP and LW have said over and over again people are going to jail, and LW said Pedo Joe himself was going to jail.
Supposedly, SP is targeting liberal republican traitors. I cannot wait.
But here is the story of the day. In order for Pedo Joe to get "transitional" funds from the GSA, he has to BY LAW issue a statement showing any conflict of interest or influence from foreign nations or operatives. Now do you see why the released the Hunter Biden laptop when they did? If he denies any, the Hunter laptop is state evidence #1 to his lie. Does he admit he is a China and Ukraine operative? Of course not, he is going to lie and get another decade in jail.
Even more interesting, the transition time allows Trump to fill ANY vacant seats for 30 days. There are dozens of vacancies if not more because the dems refuse to approve the appointees hoping Pedo Joe gets the steal. Trump can now fill those with hard core patriots. This GSA thing is a blessing in disguise, and likely a trap.
Robert Steele has said this many times, and he now says he got inside confirmation that Wall Street over the years has stolen $100 TRILLION from US citizens and laundered another $100 TRILLION in drug and trafficking money. Supposedly Trump is going after $100 trillion from Wall Street. Steele said he agreed to $17 trillion already, but SP is pushing him to get more. That is the criminal side.
Remember when Flynn's son said you can't imagine what is happening behind the scenes? I can. Arrests. Thousands of arrests with confessions. By the way, LW also told us the Kracken is a cyber warfare program of the DoD. The Pedo Joe team is taking on a military sting that was planned for years ago. The military ALWAYS enters an engagement with overwhelming force with the philosophy that a battle is won before the first shot is fired. You KNOW who will win this battle, and the results are going to entertain us for YEARS! Aren't you excited?
Remember when I told you the anons were tracking military air traffic over the US and said it is at record levels? Overseas, ALL military aircraft cut off their transponders over the east Mediterranean Sea meaning they went dark. They almost exclusively do this when performing a combat operation. Big things are taking place.
Here's a fun story. Kim Jun Un's rich nephew met with the CIA for some unknown reason, and has been missing ever since. NEVER meet with the CIA if at all possible.
Misc items. Let's start with the fact the Dow hit a record 30,000. Artificial since business profits don't match, but still a sign of economic optimism. ‪In three weeks‬, Fox News has lost HALF its viewers. Crazy.
Pedo Joe's agenda is truly insane. Pardon 11 million illegals in the first hundred days is just one idea. He just told us it was our patriotic duty to distance and wear masks. No, it our duty to resist and fight the tyranny. I read more and more articles every day from people urging you to fight back, rise up and resist. They are starting to take a more militant tone too.
The pandemic was just an excuse for tyranny. Mexifornia juts arbitrarily banned indoor dining at restaurants after Newsolini did just that. A huge college in NY is not going to let kids leave campus to go home without a negative CV-19 test. Good luck defending that in court. In NYC they are putting up Nazi like CV-19 checkpoints at key bridges, exit ways and at the airport. The CDC is telling MDs they have to warn people the side effects of the vaccine are terrible. I have to wonder if there is something unknown in this vaccine. It has had horrible side effects, has been shown to have no long term protection, alters your DNA, and has agents in it never put in a vaccine before. (WHY does it need to be kept at -70 degrees?). This is NOT the sort of thing you rush, but not only are they rushing it, they are making it mandatory to do things like travel, go to school or work. I imagine some companies will go bankrupt from this. So why push it when we have therapeutics? Money is the obvious answer, but is there a tracking agent in it? I wonder.
Regardless, the lockdowns are WAY worse than the disease. There were more suicides in Japan last month than people who died of CV-19 in Japan during the entire pandemic. The biggest school district in VA saw an 83% increase in "F"s related to online schooling.
Corey Booker is suggesting the gov't confiscate farmland and give it to blacks. This is LITERALLY what they did to ruin Zimbabwe, and are doing right now in South Africa.
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2020.11.25 17:27 Prepare-thine-anus I think our hero may need a new way to get around NYC: any ideas?

Okay, so I know I may sound like a smart ass for saying this, and I want y’all to bear in mind I’m an average high school student with a very lackluster knowledge of physics. So please, forgive me if I sound retarded but...
Maybe Spider-Man, realistically, should get around the city some other way, along with so things a bit differently.
Whenever he swings on a web, he has to attach the web to a building (usually the side of one) and then use that as a fulcrum of sorts to swing off of. However, I’ve been thinking (and also noticed from online talks) that in doing that, the point were the web attaches to the building would probably experience a lot of tension: and I thing depending on how he swings or how fast, with my primitive mind, I think he may rip off the material.
Again, this is a bit of a stretch since I’m completely clueless in terms of how physics work (I don’t know any equations or anything) but I’d just sort of hypothesize that that could happen from web swinging: ripping off pieces of buildings.
Another thing I think I think wouldn’t be possible is when he webs an enemy to propel himself over to them. Some may call this a web strike but regardless I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.
If he yanks himself at them like that, I think the problem would be that they’d be getting yanked over to him instead of vice versa. I think the force required to accelerate to the bad guy while using him as a origin point of your launch would yoink him over.
Anyway, solutions? As for locomotion, I genuinely think Spider-Man would genuinely be able to run or parkour his way to a destination rather quickly considering his speed (I’m pretty sure he could keep up with a car on foot if he needed) or instead make a sort of glider where he could clim up a very tall building and then glide to another one, run up that, jump off to another one-
You get the cycle.
As for the thing about him webbing over to a person to dash towards them, maybe what he could to is web the concrete or whatever he’s on to dash over to him instead: I think the pavement or sidewalks of NYC should be able to take that sort of strain.
Anyway, to any actual smart people in the comments, tell me what other hypothetical alternatives he could do for locomotion, if I’m wrong about my theory or anything like that.
Just keep it civil, and also thank you for reading this far if you did! Hope you enjoyed it a little bit!
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2020.11.25 02:50 Stunning-Ad-6079 40[M4F] #NYC. Seeking an Asian female in NYC who is interested in exploring her dominant side. Can be online or in-person, light or intense. Fun or get your anger out. Let's escape these COVID blues in a fun way. Covid safety

I’m 40, fit, intelligent, white established. Many life skills but with a more secret submissive side. I consider myself emotionally balanced and highly educated. In the vanilla world I’m a good cook, a great dessert maker, emotionally in tune, film buff. I live alone and have my own place. Suit kind of guy at work but casual intellectual at other times. Consider myself a pretty chill guy and looking to explore some fun role plays and just see where things go organically.
Not looking for a traditional relationship exactly but am interested in explore one that is based on power dynamics where power flows in one direction. There are lots of things to explore once we connect and share interests. For example, rewards systems, points systems, training to please, molding to your whims, etc. I'm into role play and establishing a role-play kind of scenario, whether the roles are occasional or daily, check in via texts, doing things to please you.
I’m a pretty normal and career oriented person. I envision we’d talk things out to see if there’s a connection and see if we can come up with a plan. Probably something that entails being trained and incorporating rewards and punishments and submitting to your desires into our relationship. I’m experienced with bondage, being in chastity, orgasm denial, and more. I’m also an excellent cook, conversationalist, massager, and a good support
Looking for someone who isn't fake, understands negotiation involved since we have somewhat busy lives, someone I can make some connection with, won't berate me or hit me up for dough in the first 60 seconds. And definitely takes covid safety seriously
Please include age, gender, ethnicity, location and stats when replying. Living near NYC strongly preferred
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2020.11.24 22:10 Groovy-Tony Ready to walk away from a six figure sales job during a pandemic, can anyone help provide some guidance, or advice?

I’m 37 yrs old and live in NYC, I’m 5 yrs into software sales and essentially my first “real” job. I worked three jobs for a few years just to make it to New York and save a few grand, working in customer service answering phones, as a server, and in a 1099 print ad sales job. Prior to this job I’ve only ever worked jobs that paid an hourly wage. After my first year I’ve made 6 figures every year after and have had a tremendous amount of success. Going into 2021 I can’t stomach the thought of doing this another day now. I think like many others the pandemic and being stuck alone in my apartment has amplified things, but I guess the silver lining I’ve realized what’s important to me in life. Outside of my company’s complete lack of even acknowledging the pandemic and its effects on our jobs and the economy as a whole, I’ve grown to become completed unsatisfied with a career in sales. I’m constantly hounding people and pestering them, If I was in the customer’s shoes and someone kept calling and emailing like I am instructed to do, I would be furious . Another thing that bothers me is there is no end result to the job. I don’t finish something and start a new project. What I did the first day of my job is exactly what I’ll do tomorrow and 10 years later. Bottom line is I just don’t like it. Software isn’t something I care about at all, at least the segment I’m in. I don’t want to move to the technical side either, and I am absolutely not process driven so a project manager would never work for me. Biz dev is part of my gig too and to anyone that does that for a living, hats off to you. Sales in every aspect has left me feeling empty, and burned out. The facade I have put to on everyday leaves me feeling fake and a lesser version of myslef week after week, month after month, year after year.
I’ve realized I really want to embrace a more spiritual and purposeful life. I want to do something that has meaning and brings renewal or leaves some mind of mark on an individual, place, or the world. I also realized money isn’t everything, and I need a lot less than I ever strived to earn. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and always grew up wanting to have my own business. Now I’m thinking perhaps to go for it, start a for profit business focused on hopefully addressing a meaningful world issue or promoting welfare in some aspect, to then eventually start my own non profit as a long term goal. Thankfully I have enough money saved to pay my NYC apartment and bills for atleast a year if not more, and focus on moving my life in a new direction. I’m very grateful for where I am and to be in the position I’m in. I start to feel very guilty when I think about walking away from a job when I see so many others struggling and suffering at the hand of COVID. On the other hand, I earned everything I have, and made it where I am with no help and no formal education. My immediate idea is to leave my job, go work part time for a non profit, and continue to educate myslef and push my personal growth. My job as lucrative as it is has left me stagnant, I’m not learning, growing, or bettering myslef as a person. I’m very much a firm believer in having a growth mindset, and forever learning and bettering yourself. I would also like to take some online courses in e-commerce or entrepreneurship not through a university, rather Udemy, Coursehorse, Lynda, or other online platforms.
Am I crazy to walk away from all of this? Worst case I could always go back to another sales job if everything doesn’t work out and burn through some savings trying to figure it out along the way. I feel I’m still young enough to not pigeon hole myself in sales and take a new direction in life.
Anyone else ever take this plunge and can speak to there experience? Any recommendations on course work, online resources,mentoring opps, or pivoting into both the for profit entrepreneur space (short term) and non profit (long term) would be greatly appreciated! Outside of that any feedback on anything else mentioned would be great.
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